Tactical First Aid

The two-day course imparts basic knowledge for tactical wounded care in order to be able to take life-sustaining initial medical measures for injured persons with multiple traumas in an emergency.

A holistic approach to care is taught, which may differ from classical approaches to first aid.

The course content is based on the experience of military and police first aiders who have gained their experience during missions in crisis areas all over the world.

Seminar overview:

Seminar number: 23/42
Start: 30.10.2023 at 09:00 hrs
End: 31.10.2023 at 16:00 hrs
Venue: IBZ Schloss Gimborn, 51709 Marienheide, Germany
Course fees IPA: 440,00 €
Course fees non-IPA: 590,00 €


Mario Nowak
Arno Danneberg