Disaster and Crisis Management – The Challenge of Dealing with Disasters

Whether the consequences of climate change, natural hazards, major events with catastrophic outcomes, disease epidemics, demographic developments or the political and economic effects of international crises: disasters seem to be on the rise. They endanger and impair the lives of the population and disrupt the normality and naturalness of public life.

Disasters can bring out the best and the worst in people: greed and reckless selfishness on the one hand, helpfulness and compassion on the other. With their complex structures, modern societies are able to react quickly to crises and disasters.

The seminar provides an overview of the status of disaster research. The role of security organizations and their employees in crisis management is discussed, as is the cooperation between security actors and the population. Retrospective descriptions and analyzes of the Love Parade 2010 in Duisburg and the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley in 2021 are carried out by experts.

Another focus is on the influence of social media in crisis situations and examines the question of what value special social media tools could have. Resilience and psychological stress among victims and professional helpers are discussed.

Seminar number: 24/43
Start: 18.11.2024 at 10:45
End: 22.11.2024 at 15:00
Course fees IPA: 365,00 €
Course fees non-IPA: 495,00 €