Kommende IPA kurs på Gimborn

Ta en kikk på de første kursene i 2023 på vårt kurssenter Gimborn.

15. – 17.03. 2023

Hackathons –
Crime fighting goes digital. Best practices for police officers

The seminar will look at the origins of hackathons as a model in the business world and its way into police projects. It illustrates ways of implementing hackathons in police projects and how to use Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) for searching.

Facing the challenges to process huge amounts of data in investigations from various sources with different levels of reliability and recover information to be used in court in a rather short period of time, law enforcement works together with researchers and industry to quickly produce a functioning, time saving tool.

Participants get to know best practice examples and will take part in a live exercise and will work together in small groups with an out-of-the-box approach to solve a particular problem.

IPA Members: 360 €

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20. – 24.03.2023

Disaster and Crisis Management – The Challenge of Dealing with Disasters

Crisis and disaster disrupt the normality and implicitness that pervade the public agenda. This applies to crisis evoked by natural hazards as well as to man-made crisis and disasters. Crisis and disasters bring out the best and the worst in human beings: greed, selfishness on one side, and helpfulness and compassion on the other side.

Modern societies dispose of complex structures enlisting public, private, and non profit organization to meet the challenges that come with crisis and disaster.

The seminar provides an overview on the current research on disasters. It looks at the role of law enforcement personal in disaster response, at the collaboration between other professionals on the scene and the public. The role of social media in disasters will be discussed and possible frameworks to facilitate the creation of disaster social media tools will be looked at.

Another focus is on psychological stress within victims as well as in professionals (police, fire fighters) and the role of resilience in the aftermath of disasters.

IPA Members: 360 €

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