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World police indoor soccer tournament

World police indoor soccer tournament

Eibergen-Groenlo-Zieuwent, The Netherlands

10 – 14 October 2011


Dear Colleagues,

The organisation of the world’s biggest police soccer tournament has the great honour to invite your police force to the 29th edition of the World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament in Eibergen/ Groenlo and Zieuwent in the Netherlands.

Our 2010 Tournament was a great success. 180 teams, approximately 2900 colleagues from 45 countries turned it into a fantastic experience.

Attached to this mail you will find the official 2011 invitation and all other necessary information. To get an impression about the tournament please view the promotion video’s on our website. www.wpist.nl


The tournament will take place in 5 sports halls  in Eibergen, Groenlo & Zieuwent. Teams will play 5 against 5. There will be:

·         A men’s tournament.                    (102 teams)

·         A women’s tournament.               ( 45 teams)

·         A men’s 35+ tournament.            ( 45 teams)

The floor of the playing area is synthetic. The Tournament will be played over three days. 192 teams (men/ men 35+ & women) from over 45 countries will compete. This year we expect participants from Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

Reasons to participate in this event:

High quality tournament with low prices!
Breakfast and dinner are included in the prices. (Price € 26,75 PP/PN inclusive hotel/bungalow, breakfast & diner)
Only police teams participating.
Best police teams from all over the world are competing.
You will meet 2900 colleagues from all over the world. (192 teams from 45 countries)
The world’s biggest soccer tournament for police forces.
Teams from outside Europe have free accommodation and meals!
Every evening live music.
Social program.
5 outstanding soccer accommodations.
Great opening and closing ceremony.
Excellent & luxurious accommodations.
Reward scheme. If you find additional teams from your region or another country you can earn money for your own team. (for more details study the attached invitation.)
During the tournament every team has a day off to visit the Netherlands or Germany.
We organise City trips to various cities in The Netherlands & Germany. (You will receive additional information about the possibilities in the near future.)
For more information please look to our website www.wpist.nl or the website of Marveld resort. www.marveld.nl

Teams from outside Europe will have in the midweek from 10th – 14th of October up to  12  persons free of charge. (Bungalows and meals are free for  12 persons)

Please don’t wait too long to subscribe. The organisation has registered already 96 teams for the 2011  tournament.

The organization is looking forward to meet you all in Eibergen and Groenlo in October 2011. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to write or call us.

On behalf of the board of the World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament,

Harry Engels


World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament

Maasstraat 54

7071 VR Ulft.

The Netherlands

Tel  0031-653-333083

Fax 0031-315-345934

Website: www.wpist.nl


Av: Johnny Langmo
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