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Arrangement for sikkerhetspersonell i Wavre, nær Brussel, fra 22-31 juli 2010.

It is with great pleasure, joy and honour that we invite you to our event ‘wispawavre2010.com’ which will be held in Wavre near Brussels from the 22nd to the 31st of July 2010.

This manifestation bears on the Philanthropic aspect (donation given to seriously sick children), on sport (roller parade, beach soccer, indoor five-a-side football competition), on security (official opening of the world security congress and WavrExpol2010), on tourism, culture, gastronomy, and especially Friendship.

This is addressed to all Security forces, whether you may be, Police, Firemen, Prison Wardens, Customs Officers, civil servants, you are all very welcome to this exceptional event been shared by the Security forces from the 5 contintents.


Av: Johnny Langmo
Publisert i Aktiviteter Nyheter Sport

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