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Vennskapsuke IEC 2011 i Romania

IEC 2011 arrangeres i Bucuresti fra 18. til 25. september. Vennskapsuken følger som vanlig etter dette (25. sep – 2. okt.)

Dear friends,
We inform you that the 2011 IEC sessions will take place in Bucharest, 
the capital of Romania, between the 18


 – 25


of September 2011.
Between the 25


 of September – the 2


 of October 2011 there will take 
place the meeting with all IPA friends during the Friendship week which 
will have as a central point the touristic resort Poiana Brasov.

The last details regarding the organization of these 2 events, periods, 
prices and the social program may be find on the site www.iparomania.ro, 
in the section IEC 2011 or Friendship week. The 2 logos will help you to 
identify us better.

Please contact us:
-    for the 2011 IEC event at the e-mail address: iec2011@iparomania.ro
-    for the friendship week at the e-mail address: fw2011@iparomania.ro
We promise that you will spend beautiful and unforgettable moments in our 

Looking forward to seeing you,
Yours in friendship,
The president of the Organizing Committee
Dr. ec. Florian Safta
National Treasurer of IPA Romanian Section
Av: Jan Tore Hagnes

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