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LoJack World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament

Dear Law Enforcement Colleagues,

On behalf of the official organisation of the world’s largest soccer tournament exclusively for law enforcement personnel, Ihave the great honour of inviting your police force to the 32th annual LoJack World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament in the Netherlands this October. This event has the full support of the IPA in the Netherlands.  

Our 2013 tournament was a great success with enthusiastic participation from 2,900 law enforcement personnel from over 52 countries.  More than200 football teams competed for the championship cup in three different divisions.

For invited teams that are new to the WPIST, you can read more about the tournament and watch videos covering the event at www.wpist.nl

This year’s LoJack World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament will be held from Monday 6th October up to and including Friday 10th October 2014.

The LoJack World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament is the only world championship indoor soccer (futsal) event exclusively for police teams. In this tournament, your team will face some of the most competitive police football teams from more than 52 countries.  It is also the largest police soccer tournament in the world organized at the most economical cost for participants. The organisation has worked for 32 years to achieve this unique standard 

For teams originating outside of Europe up to 10 individuals per team will receive their bungalow housing and meals (breakfast and dinner) absolutely FREE from 6th through 10th of October.


The tournament will take place in six sports halls in Eibergen, Groenlo & Lichtenvoorde. Teams will play in a 5 versus 5 format, including the goalkeeper.


There will be a:


·         Men’s tournament      (112 teams)

·         Women’s tournament   (45 teams)

·         Men’s 35+ tournament (45 teams)


The floor of the playing area is synthetic. The tournament will be played over three days.

Reasons to participate in this event:

High quality tournament with low prices! 

  • Breakfast and dinner are included in the prices. (Price € 118 per person based on a four- star bungalow for the period 6-10 October 2014  (4 nights) inclusive breakfast & diner)
  • Only police teams participating.
  • Best police teams from all over the world are competing.
  • You will meet 2900 colleagues from all over the world.

The world’s biggest soccer tournament for police forces.

  • Teams from outside Europe have free accommodation and meals!
  • Every evening live music.
  • Social program.
  • 6 outstanding soccer accommodations.
  • Great opening and closing ceremony.
  • Excellent & luxurious accommodations.
  • During the tournament every team has a day off to visit the Netherlands or Germany.
  • We organise City trips to various cities in The Netherlands & Germany. (You will receive additional information about the possibilities in the near future.)

 For more information please look to our website www.wpist.nl or the website of Marveld resort. www.marveld.nl

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Av: Johnny Langmo
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