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Interpol copperscup 2011

Seilekonkurranse 17.-23. september 2011




Dear friends/colleagues/fellow sailors!


Here we are again! Ready for the 12th ICC, held from September 17-23, 2011.


This is the first newsletter in a row. All important newsfacts or questions will be send to you by email/newsletter, but if you want to check something about the event in 2009 or you want to point another crew to the ICC, go to our website at www.copperscup.org.


If you decide to participate, a simpel ‘yes, we will be there in 2011’ is not enough (though nice). So don’t forget to fill in the INITIAL ENROLMENT FORM!


Spread this newsletter among your crew members and colleagues please.

We are looking forward to meeting you (again) and to some great sailing.


Kind regards, also on behalf of the ICC committee!


Angélique van Campen

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Av: Johnny Langmo
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