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Dikt konkurranse til IEC møtet i Potsdam

Vår venn Stephen Crockard har bedt alle seksjoner melde på de som kunne tenke seg å delta i dikt konkurransen. Så om du går med en dikter i deg, så send bidraget til vår kjære generalsekretær Monica på mo-lill2@online.no

«Dear IPA Friends, as announced at the IEC meeting in Potsdam, here are the details attached of the IPA Poem competition. I know there are many members with a love of poetry, so I hope all sections will encourage their members to take part.

Kind regards, Stephen Crockard, Assistant International Secretary General, International Police Association»


Her er reglene :


  1. The name of the competition is “International Police Association – Poem Competition” and shall be open to all IPA members.
  2. The competition has two categories: 1) Traditional 2) HAIKU. The subject matter in each is open.
  3. The poem must be typed and written in English.
  4. Each entry must be submitted under a pen name which is to appear on the top of the poem.  The author’s details and Section can also be announced when sending the entry by email.
  5. The winner will be announced at the IPA World Congress on 12-18 October 2015 in Cyprus.
  6. The winning poem will be published and distributed within the Association and, where appropriate, circulated to educational establishments and other interested bodies.
  7. The Competition will award one overall winner of €200 and certificate, one winner in category traditional poem of €100 and certificate, one winner in category Haiku of €100 and certificate. The second and third place poems in each category will be awarded a Certificate. Poems deemed suitable for formal recognition may be provided to all Sections for publication in their Newsletters and may be placed on the IAC Website.



Av: Vidar T

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